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about the designer...

Amy has a lifelong interest in art. As a young girl, she spent most of her free time drawing, sketching, painting or sculpting. She took her first jewelry class at Skidmore College. From then on, she focused on refining her skills and went on to receive her Master of Fine Arts degree in metalsmithing.

Amy began her jewelry career making and selling her work through galleries and contemporary jewelry stores. In 2002 she and her husband John, opened their own fine jewelry store, Amy Hudon & Co. in Osterville Massachusetts, featuring her designs along with other contemporary jewelry designers and representing some of the finest lines in the jewelry industry.

They enjoyed 13 years owning and running the retail store in the heart of the picturesque Cape Cod village. In 2015, they set up a more flexible lifestyle schedule and now sell Amy's work exclusively online and at select retail shows. 

Amy designs and hand makes her own work on Cape Cod. 
The jewelry she makes is greatly inspired by the beautiful beach area where she has spent most of her time living, working and raising her family.


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