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If an item is out of stock: 

I am happy to make you a new one!

If you would like to order an item, please contact me by email at  or by phone at 508-420-2440.

Custom orders:

Custom orders typically take 3-4 weeks to make. I want to make your experience pleasurable and will do my very best to create jewelry you will love. Please appreciate custom orders are made for you, and are not returnable or refundable. 

Metal options:
I work with several different precious metals. Many of my designs can be made in the following metals so you can choose what is right for you.


18kt yellow gold: a rich buttery yellow hue that is sometimes called "royal yellow" gold. Vibrant yellow.

14kt yellow gold: a peachy yellow, warmer and more subtle than the 18kt yellow. 

14kt rose: a distinctly rich rose gold, pretty pink tone. 

14kt white gold: I use is an extra white alloy. I am a purist and do not rhodium plate the white gold. Without rhodium, the color is a slightly warmer shade of white.

Platinum: 95% platinum.

Palladium: 95% palladium. Palladium is part of the platinum precious metals and just a touch grayer in color.

Sterling silver: occasionally oxidized or blackened for a more dramatic effect. 


If you are uncertain of your ring size, please have a local jeweler size your finger as accurately as possible.  

I can size rings to 1/4 size increments. If you would like to have ring sizers sent to you, please contact me before ordering your rings. Accurate ring sizing is important as rings that have been sized are customized for you, and are not exchangeable.

If rings require sizing after you receive them and you would like to send them back for resizing,  please contact me before sending.

There may be additional costs for sizing and shipping in this process.

One of a Kinds:
Many of the pieces are One of a Kinds. It is possible they might be sold before they disappear from the site. I will notify you as soon as possible if something you ordered is unavailable. 

Why make right and left earrings?
They look nicer when you wear them.
If the earring can turn slightly toward the face, the gems and design will be seen more when people look at you. It is easy to determine the right from left earring once they are on the ears. The drops are designed to turn slightly towards the face. If you put them on opposite ears, they will turn out to the side.

If you would like to exchange an item you received within 15 days, you may exchange the item in original condition for credit towards other jewelry from Amy Hudon & Co that you would enjoy more. Customers are responsible for safe return shipping to our Post Office Box. US postal shipping only.

Any credit card processing fees can no longer be refunded due to recent changes from the service company. 

To process your exchange, please call us prior to shipping.
Please remember, sized rings and custom orders are not returnable or exchangeable.


Price changes:

Due to the fluctuating metals markets, prices may be subject to change without advance notice.

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